Command consume

Usage: juju consume [options] <remote offer path> [<local application name>]


Add a remote offer to the model.


-B, --no-browser-login (= false)

Do not use web browser for authentication

-m, --model (= "")

Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>


Adds a remote offer to the model. Relations can be created later using juju relate. The remote offer is identified by providing a path to the offer:

     [<model owner>/]<model name>.<application name>
          for an application in another model in this controller (if owner isn't specified it's assumed to be the logged-in user)


   $ juju consume othermodel.mysql
    $ juju consume owner/othermodel.mysql
    $ juju consume anothercontroller:owner/othermodel.mysql

See also:

add-relation, offer