Announcement: Documentation Updates

For the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to improve our documentation, both for the Juju OLM itself, but also for the Charmed Operator Framework. Today we made some of those changes public; here’s what to expect:

Charmed Operator Framework Docs

A full set of documentation for authoring charmed operators using the Charmed Operator Framework are now available at Many of these docs are brand new, but some have also been curated from previous information available on Discourse.

The new SDK docs homepage should provide comprehensive guidance to developers on how to author charms using all the latest features.

Charmed Operator Life Cycle Manager (OLM) Docs

The docs for OLM were refreshed with the on-boarding of new community members in mind. These pages now reflect the natural workflow of Juju: starting from basic concepts, moving to adding a cloud, bootstrapping a controller, deploying and integrating applications, and Day 2 operations.

These pages are now public and will land at next week. Discourse posts with [not maintained] on the title will be archived once this process is concluded.

Contributing to the docs

All of the source material for the new SDK and OLM documentation is available for comment and improvement on Discourse, you can see all the posts in the sdk-docs or docs-review-21 tags!

Happy Charming! :rocket::star2: